This warranty is for the quality of the Products with Induction Technology supplied by AES (Adaptive Energy Systems). We warranty that the product is free of defects and all components are properly installed. Electrical components (driver and lamp) warranted by AES through Crystal Lighting Corporation. Crystal Lighting will only be responsible to distribute any defective products between AES and Crystal Lighting's customers.


Crystal Lighting Corporation is pleased to provide the following limited warranty strictly to products manufactured by Crystal Lighting. The term "product" means a Crystal Lighting device that incorporates various light sources from different light source manufacturers installed by Crystal Lighting. This limited warranty applies only to Crystal Lighting products and does not apply to any other equipment or device onto which a Crystal Lighting product is installed. Crystal Lighting products are manufactured from new parts and use high quality light sources and components with a minimum of ten (10) year warranties. Hence, Crystal Lighting will assist with all warranty claims for any defective component installed by Crystal Lighting in any of our products.


Crystal Lighting products are warranted for a period of ten (10) years from the manufacturer date. Such date can be located on the product housing label for your convenience.


Crystal Lighting Corporation warrants that the product is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal application use when properly installed and maintained for a period of ten (10) years after the date of manufacture printed on the housing label. Free from "Defects" means an imperfection in the light source or components in a product if either (a) there has been a measurable diminution in the lumen output of greater than 30% during the warranty period; or (b) the light source or components fail to continue to operate. This warranty extends to the original purchaser only and is not transferable to anyone who purchases the product from the original purchaser. Crystal lighting at its sole option either repairs or replaces any part that is determined to be defective under the terms of this limited warranty and is the only remedy available, this limitation applies whether damages are sought or claims made under a contract claim, tort claim including negligence and strict product liability, or any other claim arising from a defective product. Liability for incidental or consequential damages is hereby expressly excluded. Crystal Lighting is not liable for any claims made by a third party or made by you for a third party. Crystal Lighting is not liable for any other loss or expenses whatsoever resulting from a defective product.


Warranty claims must be filed within the applicable Warranty period, without exception. The Limited Warranties do not apply to normal wear and tear, to the natural effects of exposure to extreme weather conditions over time. It is Crystal Lighting's sole judgment to determine if the Housing or light source has been subjected to misuse, abuse, neglect, vandalism or accident; alteration, improper installation or application that does not strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions; repair or modifications that do not strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions; or power failure, lightning, flood, fire, accidental breakage, military war, riot or other circumstances beyond Crystal Lighting's control.

Warranty claims will also not be honored if the serial numbers of the Housing, Module and/or Lamp have been altered, removed or made illegible.Crystal Lighting Corp. shall not be responsible or liable to any third-party claims resulting from or arising out of any non-performance. This includes any delay in its performance of any terms and conditions of the sale including this Limited Warranty due to acts of God, war, riots, strikes, unavailability of suitable and sufficient labor, material, or yield failures or any other event beyond the control of Crystal Lighting Corp. In addition, this includes any technological or physical event or condition without limitations, which is not reasonably known or understood at the time of the sale of the Product and/or Lamp or the claim.


In order to obtain warranty service under the Crystal Lighting's Limited Warranty, the vendee should promptly notify Crystal Lighting Corp in writing of the problem. Along with the notification, the vendee should include the complete serial number printed on the Housing (or Module) Label with the date in which the Product was purchased from Crystal Lighting Corp. If Crystal Lighting wants the parts or complete fixtures to be returned for inspection, repair or replacement, Crystal Lighting will give vendee a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Crystal Lighting Corp will not accept any return without an RMA.


The repair or replacement of the Product or the supply of additional Module and/or Lamp neither creates a new warranty term nor extends the original term of this Limited Warranty. All replaced Product, Modules and/or Lamps shall become the property of Crystal Lighting Corp. Crystal Lighting has the right to substitute another compatible type of Product, Module and/or Lamp if Crystal Lighting discontinues the Product, Module and/or Lamp in question at the time of the warranty claim.

RMA requests contact:

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FAX: 562-944-0225
EMAIL: mariag@crystallighting.us

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